10 Movies Which Are Better Than The Books

When someone makes a movie on a good book, then that movie is Bound to have a good story. But sometimes they have to remove certain parts from the story in the book so that they can maintain the movie’s length, but what if we say sometimes it’s the other way around.

Makers seem to add plots and scenes from their own along with the book refrence for a movie and the end results are way more better than expected.

Today in this post we bring you a list of such movies which were made by adding a punch of their own flavour by the makers after taking inspiration from the book and the movies turned out to be better than the book itself . So, Here we go…

1. The Notebook

The first movie that comes in this list is “The Notebook”. This movie which was loved by its audience worldwide has some key points different than what is written in the book.The famous scene when it rains heavily and they both kiss each other has never been written in the book, at first it was to be written but later it was ommited.

The other scene that differs from the book is the end part. Yes, while in the movie the end is such that they both pass away in each other’s arms but in the book they have shown a romantic ending.

2. Silence of the Lambs

The next movie that comes in the list is “Silence of the Lambs”.

In this movie, we don’t have to talk about a particular scene but about the cast. It’s one thing to write about characters and publish them, but to imagine how they would be and to portray them on screen is a commendable task. And the makers have done a great job in the casting and bringing lives to the characters of the book.

3. Jaws

The next movie we will talk about is “Jaws”. If you ever come to read the book from which it is adapted, you will get to know how well the makers to make this movie more of action packed and intresting rather than boring. Kudos to the team for making the script a short and exciting one, otherwise the book has been a bit of lengthy and boring.

4. Beauty and the Beast

Well this movie was basically a Disney movie which was made for kids and it was remade from animated to a real life movie. But did you ever know, that the only character in this movie which is also present in the books is Belle’s father, and rest all the characters were put in to make the movie an interesting one. And yes they didn’t fail to the job and made the movie better than the book itselt.

5. Forrest Gump

The Oscar winning movie is one of its kind since it has been released. It has to be one of the best scripts to ever have been written. But did you know, that the character in the book is a bit different than one in the movie. Yes, in the books sometimes the main lead even curses when he gets annoyed and angry but this is not what is shown in the films. The film portrays him as a cute, peace loving, friendly guy. Which infact has been the most loved thing by the audience and made the character an iconic one.

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