12 Signs That Your Partner Is Not A Real Man

There is no one who prefers to date an Immature person. Women usually fantasize to have a man who is capable of taking care of their feelings and also support them. Real man will never make any excuses and forgets their needs, they actually know how you can make good scenarios and fit with your Male freind.

Check out these indications to check whether your partner is a real man or he is still an immature kid ! Men, If you are reading this, Please sure to stay out of this clear such behaviour with your girlfreinds.

  1. He is selfish in bed, he has not learned that love making is about teamwork.

Such kind man are worst, they do not give any priority to the feeling of their partner, all they want is to be satisfied.


  1. An real man spends for dinner if he asks you out, he would never ever allow you to pay.

Your crush would be already doing that for you!

  1. Real Man is never late, he always shows up on time.

Tired of waiting for your boyfriend? Well real man are always there on time.

  1. Real guy is never ever jealous of your guy friends and comfortable to hang out with them

Yes, they have no issue with your guy friend, they trust you and also understand the meaning of friend-zone. Genuine man never pass lame comments about them.

  1. He lacks communication skills and you often feel neglected in his presence!

  2. He is not all set to make any kind of commitment whether it is about his job or settling down

  3. Real Man would introduce you to his family and would love to hang out with your family member too

  4. He makes fun about the things you do or people you hang out with

Real man know how to appreciate your presence!

  1. Real man is always there when you need a shoulder to cry on

  2. A real man knows how to show affection


  1. He will always make an excuse when you ask him to pick up.
  2. He will make you jealous of other girls.
  3. If he makes you feel useless than surely he is not a real man.

It’s far better to move on when you face such situations rather than staying back with your broken heart.



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