14 Times When Celeb Caught with fans in Akward Photo Session 

Someone give these guys a medal pease. These guys are hillarious who caught with some epic bloopers while taking pictures with their fav celeb ! Appreciate looking at these unpleasant meet as well as greet photographs, where either the followers made their star unpleasant or it was the other way round.


1. Hey Please !!!! Get away from me 😛 !!

2. Khloe Kardashian trying to get away from one of her superfans.

Yeahhh !! I know this smile This Freaking Fake Smile just to make fans happy :/

Kim is just pretending to be happy while capturing in the frame !!!

3. EWWW !!! This kinkki Little Akward face of Beyonce ! She is making different faces with fan.

Is that Cute or Horrible Don’t know ? FYI And one eye at queen bay’s left ear is creepy.

4. Na ! Na ! Luke This isn’t the way you look at girls like this.

This is not the pose which Luke would’ve had in his mind while clicking the picture.

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