15 Behind-the-Scenes Illustrations Showing How Movie Magic Comes to Life

Cinema is an important part of our lives nowadays. Afterall cinema is something which makes us feel a connection, it forms a bond with the audience. A good movie can make you happy, sad, emotional and many other things. But do you know what goes behind the incredible scenes which are presented to us on the big screen. Are they shot really in the way they are visible to us or there is something different which goes on behind the scenes.

Today , in this article we will go through some amazing movie scenes and will let you know what goes on behind the making of those incredible movie scenes which we see on big screen.

1.This is a scene from Avengers Endgame where we see Mark Ruffalo in his Hulk Avatar as a big green monstrous looking guy, and this is how it all goes behind the scenes to make it all look real.

2. A snap from the movie “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows” where we can see actors wearing special body suits for their movements to be captured

3. Anna Kendrick in her movie “Noelle” using a special device to make it look like that she is skating on ice instead of using real skates.

4. The artists working the a model which will be used to make it look like a huge real life destruction scene in the movie “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”

5. A set being made to duplicate the Buckingham palace that will be used in the series “The Crown”

6. Cotton swabs of various colours being used to give a feel of the audience in a racing scene of the movie, “Star Wars”.

7. Samuel L. Jackson being dyed with a beard behind the scenes to give a more realistic look instead of using a fake beard.

8. Eddie Redmayne trying to look taller by standing on a pillar in his movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

9. Rebecca Ferguson sitting on a superbike which is a installed on a moving platform to give a real life riding feel in her movie Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation

10. Look how Zoe Saldaña is being prepared for her character Gamora for her movie Guardians Of Galaxy: Volume 2

11. Director Michael Bay trying to bring the feel of , the hand of a transformer grabbing her i.e. actress Nicola Anne Peltz during the shooting of “Transformers: Age of Extinction”

12. Melissa McCarthy actually lifting a device which would make her later look like, she is lifting a bus in her movie “Thunder Force”

13. A snap from the sets of the movie “Terminator Genisys” to show how the police cars were controlled in the shoot

14. A man in a special body suit sitting next to Aaron Paul who would become a robot after special effects in the series “Westworld”

15. This is how the famous “Jack saves Rose” scene was shot in the movie“Titanic”. It’s nowhere near to what it looked like in the movie.

Did you know about the behind of scenes of any one of these movies ?  If yes,  then which movie was it? Please let us know in the comments below

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