18 Pictures of people at the beach having bad day

Did you have any bad day at the beach yet ? Do not worry beacuse you are not the only who suffered the same. There are many people who are having worst of theirs at the beach. Some are very Lame some are very unfortunate who discovered themselves in very sticky and kinkky Scenes.

Check out these funny beach epic fails short that will certainly make you laugh hard.

1. Ohh… Granny Let me Play !!!

My Granny took extra care for me !!!! Hey kid Stop it or it will hurt.

2. Should I say the Chair is poor or the guy who is stuck in it ??

Ohh!! Poor Guy Hey is there someone who can help the chair ??? Wait, What I said ?? Chair ???? Ohh Sorry I meant help this guy too LOL 😛 !!! Hey there girls don’t enjoy help the poor guy !!!

3. When mom makes anything I don’t like, I ate Sand !! 😎

Hey there Little One You have to jump in the water not in the sand. Ohk I will mind my business keep eating sand !

4. This is disgusting !


Poor person behind-the-scenes is having a tough time concealing the boner. I think he is my freind who came to beach for the first time 😛 do you know anyone else like him ?? Share this to him also 😛 ROFL !!!

5. Ohh NO !!! Does It Shrinked or the regular size let me Check !!!

Poor couple didn’t understand that her inquisitiveness has been recorded for the internet to maintain.

These couples don’t took care where they are romancing or whatever they are doing they are always HOOOOORNYYYYY !!!
Seems Familiar Guys ??? LOL sorry don’t get offended.


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