5 Images That Proves Jennifer Winget Is All Set For Beyhadh 2

5 Images That Proves Jennifer Winget Is All Set For Beyhadh 2

Jennifer Winget is a tellywood actress who worked in bunch of television series such as Kasauti Zindagi Ki, Saraswati Chandra, and most of her recent Beyhadh. She nailed down her role in Beyhadh series, She Played the role Maya in that series. She acted very well in every department whether it is emotional or sensational. Some of the insights of beyhadh are as follows :

Arjun Trying to Choke Maya’s Throat 

I Think Every Beyhadh Fan Remember This Episode when Arjun Tries to Kill Maya beacuse of Sanjh. In This Episode her acting was hillarious.

When She Gone Bald

OMG !!! :O how can I forget about this brilliant master piece of beyhadh serial. It was the new begining of Maya in that TV series, when every thing was near to end she took this step. After some time of meditation she was gone bald.

Beautiful Chemistry Between Arjun and Maya

As we all know that Kushal Tondon and Jennifer Winget has shared a very awesome chemistry in that series. They Loved, They Protected, But most importantly They entertained us.

This Sensational Beyhadh Dialouge

Remeber this epic scene when Maya Trying to Destroy Arjun and dialouge chanting like
“Aau Jo Apni Hadh Pe Tujhe Kya Se Kya Bana Du” I’ve got Goosebumps.

So After the Insights are you ready to see why Jennifer is all set for Beyhadh 2 ?

Maya is Streching Everything out for the new Season !!

Jennifer Winget Uploaded these two pics where she is doing acrobats with this caption.

” She’s crossing all boundaries of crazy this time. Ready to get entangled in her “Maya”jaal? #Beyhadh2 #MayaAgain

After That Sony TV released a teasre with this images


Then Again Jennifer Winget Uploaded another one 

Then She Uploaded Her Very Gorgeous Pics That Proves We are having a great series ahead


Well we all know that she is very awesome actress and we all adore her for her insane acting skills. Hope we will get what we are expecting from our fav Jennifer Winget.

This is all Folks, Share this with Every Jennifer Fan !!! Spread this Everywhere that everyone knows “#MayaAgain #MayaisComingagain !! “”

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