7 Tips Which Will Save Your Date

For all single people or first timer, dating is very tough task to do for them. It has risks and rules to adhere and it often fails many times if you are novice or did not watch bollywood movies :p .

Dating is more difficult than being in a relationship. We IgnoredOne came across with some intresting and most common of all dating mistakes which ruins your date. Follow these tips to make your date go well. Make sure you don’t commit these mistakes and have a happy life.


1. There are some girls who are very costly to afford or Boy who is not enough Rich !

If you are trying to approach a girl and she denies many times but, some lucky day she says, She is free this evening but that does not mean that she will cost you nothing.

She will tear your savings apart, many girls have habit to go into very expensive restraunts. So boys pick your girl according to your pocket.

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