9 Things Which Make Women Incredibly Not Attractive

There is a spoken fact that you can not live with them as well as you can not live without them, they are your soulmate as well as your biggest enemy! We here are thinking about our best Valentine, our better half, our life partner, our companions and also the individualizes that will mainly create most of a clash than a red trigger !


1.Very Long Hair of Women

Where every women thinks we should have hair like Rupenzel but on the other side we all men thinks make shorter as much as you can babes ! We know that Long hair looks pretty untill unless they are long enough to make you annabell ๐Ÿ˜› LOL ! Often larger isn’t constantly much better. What some ladies view as a giant piece of creative wizard on the top of their heads, men typically see a challenging mane.


2. Mood Swings of Girls in their peak time

Mood Swings is the most common problem in every girl while they are on their period, Mens keep a tip Don’t argue with your girl when they are on period (Life Saving Tip).

It was Katy Perry that placed this so amazingly right into song lyrics: ‘You’re hot after that you’re chilly.’ Why the constant modification of mood chicks? United States poor fellas simply can not keep up!

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