12 Actors Who Played The Same Characters Role In Different Ages

Multiple times, movies are based on a true incident and it tells us about the life of a person. To play that particular role, production has an arduous task to be executed efficiently.
It is not a simple task to find a perfect actor or actress for that role. It’s requisite of the production department to cast an actor/actress which audience relates with the real characters.

We Ignoredone have a bunch of selected characters from movies that have been played by different actors and actress to represents different moments of their characters’ life.

1: Gia Carananagi in Gia

HBO released a movie named Gia in the year 1998 which was basically about the life of an American model Gia Carangi. On Those days Carangi used to be known as one of the best supermodels in that generation. This Movie Shows us about her life, as to how she came across all over her difficulties to get international fame. Mila Kunis Played the young Carangi and Afterwards, Angelina Jolie took over that role when she grew up as an adult

2: Melanie and Jake in Sweet Home Alabama

The story of this film tells us about the childhood love story between 2 friends: Melanie Carmichael and Jake Perry. Jake was sure that they meant to be together and he did the same by marrying Melanie, who was played by Dakota Fannin, later it took over by Josh Lucas as adult Perry.

3: Lila Wittenborn in Evening

This is a Television drama show, which is produced to portray the life of Lila Wittenborn which was played by Mamie Gummer at a young age, and afterward by Meryl Streep in her old age. You guys can easily see that both of them are very look alike. Well, it is because they both are daughter and mother. LOL

4: Sally and Gillian Owens in Practical Magic

This story is based on the witches who seem to be different from all other girls in the town, not only because they have powers but also for that strange spell that was hunting them. This beautiful story of Sally  and Gillian was brought to us by Camilla Belle and Sandra Bullock to  the big screen

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