Top 8 Best Movie About Confused Desirability

We Ignoredone are going to tell you something about the social thinking of the society, which we usually thinks.

Most of the time it happens that same $ exuality neither male nor female, They want something else. But it is not acceptable in the eyes of our society and they say it is against our culture, that is why they don not want to accept these types of people who like the same gender. This is the main reason why many of these person fear to reveal about their $ exual desires.

Those who are brave enough reveals about their $ exual life, but after that they face the hatered, harassment and some kind of unusual behavior of the society, like they are not humans just like us, they are living an abnormal life.

Every one of you knows that movies inspires us and they spread awareness too. So on this day we are going to tell you about those 11 movies that are based on the Homo $ exuality.


Breaking The Waves


A film by a Danish Director “Lars Von” in the year 1996, which also won the Cannes Film Festival in 1996. Star Actress in this movie is known as Emily Watson. Emily won an Oscar Award for her role in this movie. Other Actors of the movie is Emily Watson as Bess McNeill, Stellan Skarsgård who played the role of Jan Nyman, Katrin Cartlidge is seen as Dodo McNeill, Jean-Marc Barr played role of Terry, Adrian Rawlins Played as Dr. Richardson, Priest of the movie is our own Jonathan Hackett, Mother of McNeill is Sandra Voe, Udo Kier played role of sadistic Sailor, Mikkel Gaup as Pits, Roef Ragas as Pim, Phil McCall as grandfather, Chairman is Henry M. Robert guard.

This movie is based on a story of a women who sacrificed herself brutally save the life of the one she loves the most. Once her lover’s neck got broken in a brutal accident, so beacuse of that she has to sacrifice her love. Bess McNeill is potrayed as a beautiful young Scottish lady who has, witnessed to the low level, unenlightened tragedies in her past life.

She married Jan Nyman, he worded an oil rig worker, he was a non-churchgoer, regardless of rejection from her community and her Scottish Presbyterian Calvinist church. Bess has a golden heart, but she is very simple and quite and childish by Thought Process. During most of her visits to the church, she prayed to God and done conversations with Him in her own voice, believing that He is responding directly to her.


It is a movie which is written and directed by Dee Rees in America, in the year 2011. It is the story of Alike as known as Adepero Oduye, a 17 year old young African American telling about her identity that she is a se$bian. The movie was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and was rewarded as the Excellence in Cinematography in the year 2011.

Adepero Oduye played role of Alike, Aasha Davis as Bina, whom Alike has developed love interest, Charles Parnell Arthur played the role of Alike’s father, Kim Wayans played role of Audrey, Alike’s mother, Alike’s a best friend Laura’s role is played by Pernell Walker, Sahra Mellesse as Sharonda her younger sister.

So, This movie is a story of a girl who imagine, dreams about. She is 17-year-old girl named Alike. No one has ever ki$sed her, she which dreams about. Alike started to develop feeling of love for Bina, and started to spending even more time with bina than with her mother Laura.Arthur comes to home late a few times from work, which makes two of them fight regularly. Arthur is not that much concerned about the physiological changes developing in Alike. Considering she is going through a tough phase, Arthur supports her, though he cautions her on steering clear of the area where there is a le$bian bar, saying it’s not good to place and safe for her. For years Alike dreamed about to be a le$bian. But her parents does not accepts that. Alike’s friend is also a le$bian and they want to keep their identity as Le$bian but her mother said her to be a female.


This movie was casted in theaters in 2016, made on an African-American Young-ones. This movie is directed by Barry Jenkins, it is a different movie from others in Many ways. Starring the Andrea Holland as Chiron’s dearest friend, Adrian Kevin, Teen as Child Kevin  Kevin Jaiden as Jerrell Jerome as Pinner, Nomi Harris as Paula, Chero’s mother. , As Jensa’s girlfriend, Teresa, as Juan’s girlfriend, Juan as Mahershala Ali, the drug dealer who becomes a father figure to Chiron, Patrick Decile as Terrel, a school bully. Chiron is a shy and withdrawn child who lives with his crack addict mother Paula in criminal surroundings.

Due to his physical appearances he is very shy. His mother was addicted to the drug$, so she completes her needs first and decline to took care of him.

Due to his small size, he is very shy.  His mother is addicted to drug$, so she completes her needs than taking care of him. Chiron dealt with his cruel life in the age while the Miami “War on Drug$”. Life was the best teacher for him , Life told him three lessons of life ecstasy, pain, and beauty of falling in love.

Heavenly Creature

Heavenly Creature movie is released in the year 1994, New Zeland which is directed by Peter Jackson. The main Star Cast are Melanie Lynskey as Pauline Parker, Kate Winslet Played the role of Juliet Hulme, Sarah Peirse can be seen as Honora Parker, Diana Kent stood under the role of Hilda Hulme, Clive Merrison seen as Dr. Henry Hulme, Simon O’Connor played role of Herbert Rieper, Jed Brophy Played John’s role, Peter Elliott played Bill Perry’s role, Gilbert Goldie Played Dr. Bennett, Elizabeth Moody can be seen as Miss Waller.

This movie got a reward by Silver Lion at Venice International Film Festival. This story is based on a real incidece about the Homo$exuality. The first phase of the story is about the Homo$exual relation of two girls, Juliet Hulme and Pauline Parker. The rest part of the movie is like a narrative story which is a real story of Parker’s Mom’s Murder. In year 1952, Christchurch, New Zealand, Pauline Parker, A young 14 year old girl who is from a middle-class family, made a richer English little 13 year old Juliette Hulme (Winslet), when Juliette Paulinel’s school is shifter. Each of them’s story are same they both suffered a bad childhood illness and they were in the isolated hospitals and developed a deep friendship from that time. Pauline do lot of care of Juliet’s vocal arrogance and even more of her beauty. Together they drew a sketch. It was seen that the adventuoreous writer of this novel was expecting to publish the novel and as quick as possilble writer wants to release the movie in the Hollywood. After the time gone the movie starcasted in the theater and came to the real world. Pauline’s attachments with her mother Honra kept growing and they both have continuous fights. In between this rebellious atmosphere there was an opposite peaceful intellectual life of Juliet had with her family. Pauline spends even more time with Hulams, where she felt so. Juliet tells Palin the thought in her mind which is of “The Fourth World”, a place without Christians where everyone enjoys music and arts. Juliet decided that she will go atleast once untill she dies. Some actors and music players are “Saints” in this lifestyle.

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