Giaпt Petrified Sпake Discovered iп Rare Thailaпd Cave

The Naka caves in the Bung Khong district of Bung Kan province in Thailand have recently gained attention as a mysterious site due to a unique discovery involving a snake and rocks.

Photographs have been shared on social media of a cave whose surface resembles that of a large snake, but it is made entirely of rocks. Facebook user Ord Tahanawinij originally posted the photo of the Naka cave, which has a rocky surface that looks like the scales of a snake.

The impressive discovery quickly circulated among social media users who were taken aback by the images. Additionally, there are other publications that share images of the Naka cave referring to the mysterious city, Pua Ua Lue, and its snake curse, where the reptile was petrified millions of years ago.

There is also a legend that tells the story of King Yoo Lue, a cursed king who caused the city to fall into a lake and can only escape the curse when the city is reborn.

However, nothing is known for certain about this place.

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