Samantha released a photo with injuries on her hand! Fans who praise and push..

Actress Samantha posted a picture of her hands with injuries on her Instagram story, fans were shocked to see it.

Actress Samantha’s Yashoda hit the theaters last November to mixed reviews. Following this, on April 14th of the Tamil New Year, the film Sakunthalaam in which he acted will be released in theaters all over the world as a Pan India film in 5 languages ​​including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.

While her fans are excited to watch this historical film, the fans who saw Samantha’s Instagram story are now shocked.

That is, Samantha took a photo of the injuries on her hand and posted it on her Instagram story.

The fans who saw this are asking “What’s wrong with you?” Apart from that, the fans are shocked because his whole arm is injured.

A fan replied, ‘The world says it’s scars, but it’s really jewelry.’ He is famous for that.

Samantha is always able to stick to even the toughest of projects. It is noteworthy that his fans are always encouraging him with enthusiasm after seeing his hard work.`

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