The secret surrounding the 25,000-year-old, mountain-sized twin pyramids in Indonesia has finally been uncovered.

In 1914, archaeologists made a stunning discovery in Gunung Padang, Indonesia. They found two massive stone mountains in the shape of pyramids, which sparked their curiosity. To investigate the possibility that these structures were man-made, they began a series of excavation tests.

The idea that these two massive land formations were actually pyramids was inconceivable to early explorers, and their investigations ultimately confirmed that the site was a natural formation. However, advances in archaeology, photography, ground-penetrating radar, and satellite imaging over the last century have enabled us to gain a deeper understanding of locations, providing much more comprehensive knowledge than was possible a hundred years ago.

The archaeological community is currently in a state of excitement as a result of a recent expedition to this location, almost a century after its initial discovery and rejection.

A key finding that the current team must be aware of, a feature that has been mostly overlooked and rarely reported, is the presence of ancient monuments on the summits of each mountain. These monuments have been dated to be 2500 years old and confirmed as man-made megalithic constructions.

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